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Hip-hop, Rap, Pop, Electronic, Rock, Classical, Country, Alternative, Instrumental and more.  
Our distribution service is available to all labels and hight-end artists.

Yes we do. UPC/ISRC codes are provided for free and you can use your own if you prefer.

Also you can buy specialized new LK ISRC’s codes here.

Yes we do. You can buy chart registration in here

We working with over 200 stores/partners including Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Beatport, iTunes, Amazon, Soundcloud and many more.

Everything free. As a service fee, we take 30% – 15% from your revenue based on your monthly earnings.

Yes. Currently we manage 50M+ monthly views earning music network based in Sri Lanka.
Yes of cause, We do. You can distribute your releases through Bonfire and get free Content-ID for your releases. And you have 100% control to choose which policy you want to use including YouTube, Facebook & Instagram.
Yes. When you using Bonfire as distribution partner, you able to share your revenue with collaborators & with any person not limited to only collaborators. And you no need to pay for your collaborators, we do it for you!.
Yes. Distribute your releases and send us your marketing plans. Our team will help you get priority placement for your releases.
Yes, we do. When you using Bonfire, you able to get reports daily basics and including monthly statements.
Very easy. You can withdraw your revenue through PayPal or Direct Bank deposits.